West Brunswick

by Helen Begley

Released 2013
Yarrabin Records
Released 2013
Yarrabin Records
An Homage to a Suburban Dream.
"West Brunswick" is the result of a long, meandering walk stretching over decades and culminating in a collection of songs that capture the sights, sounds and experience of living in Melbourne's inner north for 20 years.

The concept of taking listeners on a walk around the neighbourhood was inspired by a Gingko (Haiku poetry walk) with poet and teacher, Myron Lysenko. The result was a set of haikus and the title track "West Brunswick". From this first song, a new challenge emerged, to write a series of songs that all made reference to West Brunswick in the lyric.

Songs written, Helen and her long time mates, Emily Hayes (Emmy Lou and the Sidesaddle Gals) and Greg Craske (Velvet Cake Gypsies), her West Brunswick made daughter, Ella Sidal, her Blue Mountains man, James Norton, recycled Wangaratta lad, Luke R Davies (Recycled String Band) and her old neighbours piled into a West Brunswick studio built and operated by sound engineer extraordannaire Lachlan Wooden(Mixer for Cat Empire, Eddie Current Suppression Ring) who lives next door to the last house that she lived in West Brunswick.

They brought instruments that can be found in many West Brunswick homes including guitars, ukulele, double bass, banjo, harmonicas, vocal harmonies, a clarinet, a piano and a glockenspiel, to help Helen put together the songs from this long, suburban stroll.

The resulting album is a warm, personal set of songs that holds the listener in a familiar armchair embrace in a lounge room somewhere in West Brunswick.


Helen Begley: West Brunswick

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