CHICKS WITH PICKS MELBOURNE - Ukulele and Guitar Lessons for Women and Girls
Learn to play guitar and or ukulele with a group of like minded women or girls or have some private lessons with Helen. In your lessons you will:

  • Learn to play your favourite songs .
  • Explore strumming and picking techniques.
  • Use guitar and ukulele tablature to read melodies.
  • Join a small group to sing and play with other women and girls.
  • Start playing and participating in jam sessions, performances and groups. 


Each term there are opportunities to perform in anything from formal performances at local venues to jam sessions in local lounge rooms. There are also lots of opportunities to make new musical friends by sharing musical experiences or bonding over our famous afternoon teas.


Lessons available in Armadale, West Brunswick and Surrey Hills
Private half hour lessons $30/$25 (kids under 18)
One hour group lessons $30/$25 (kids under 18)



We all have stories to tell. One way to tell our stories is through songs. In this five week course, learn to tell an old family story, a recent personal experience, a tale someone told you, or a story you discovered, in song.


Each week, you will learn to reach into your story and pull out the music and lyrics. In the process, you will gain lyric writing and editing skills, receive feedback and assistance with melody making and chord choices, discuss the place of your song in your community and personal life, and develop a simple song arrangement that will be recorded in week 5 of the course.


On completion of the course, you will be invited to perform your song, along with the other song writers from the group, at a "Chicks with Picks" concert. This would be a lovely opportunity to not only share your song live but also to present audience members with a copy of the CD of all the songs written during the course.


COURSE COST: $175 unwaged/student or $200 waged. There will also be a small cost for recording and CD production.
DURATION: 5 x 2 hour workshops



Helen Begley: West Brunswick

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