(Capo 5)   Helen Begley © 

(C)Standing on the (Em)overpass in (Am)winter (Am)

The (C)icy wind will (Em)slap you as it (Am)blows (Am)

The (F)cars rush (E7)to the (Am)gorgeous (Am/G)city

(F)West Brunwick’s (E7)not that (Am)pretty (Am/G)from this (F)road (G)


(C)On the local (Em)creek bed made of (Am)concrete (Am/G)

(C)Philosopher’s leave (Em)words in thick black (Am) paint (Am/G)

Saying, (F)“Dream as (E7)if you’ll (Am)live for-(Am/G)ever,

(F)Live as (E7)if you’ll(Am) die to-(Am/G)morrow” (F)(E7)


As (F)I lie a-(E7)wake on (Am)lonely (Am/G)nights

(F)I hear the (E7)rumble of the (Am)55(Am/G)

And the (F)braking (E7)trucks on their (Am)freeway (Am/G)rides

A (F)woman(E7)screamed, “You (Am)killed my (Am/G)life.”


(C)The buses don’t run (Em)east to west on (Am)Sunday(Am/G)

Old (C)ladies and their (Em)gentlemen stay (Am)home (Am/G)

(F)Waiting (E7)at the (Am)garden (Am/G)gate

For (F)someone (E7)walking (Am)by to (Am/G)say hello (F)(G)


The (C)houses all get (Em)sold off at a (Am)profit (Am/G)

(C)Commission flats (Em)defy the market (Am)boom (Am/G)

But for (F)all the (E7)talk of (Am)free for (Am/G)all

What (F)cost of (E7)living (Am)in four (Am/G)tiny (F)rooms(E7)


As I (F)lie a-(E7)wake on (Am)lonely (Am/G)nights

(F)Creatures (E7)rustle in the (Am)leaves out-(Am/G)side

The (F)icy (E7)wind takes its (Am) freeway (Am/G)rides

(F)Qantas (E7)planes on its (Am)midnight (Am/G)flight

The (F)braking (E7)trucks

The (Am)screaming (Am/G) wives

The (F) rumble (E7)of the (Am)55(Am/G)

(F)Rushing (E7)to the (Am)gorgeous (Am/G)city

(F)West Brunswick’s (E7)not that (Am)pretty(Am/G)

(F)West Brunswick’s (E7)not that (C)pretty (Em) (Am) (Am/G)


(C)(Em)(Am)(Am/G) repeat to fade

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